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"Experimental Polymer Physics" Seminar SS 2018

Wann 01.04.2018 00:00 bis
30.09.2018 23:55
Wo Seminarraum 3.OG, Physikhochhaus, Hermann-Herder-Str. 3, Freiburg, freitags 16:15h
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 18.05.2018  Sabrina Kraus  Structure Formation of Core/Interlayer/Shell Nanoparticles in Langmuir Monolayers
 01.06.2018  Austine Mulama  Temperature and Film Thickness Dependence on Dewetting Dynamics of Isotactic Polyparamethylstyrene films
 08.06.2018  Tianyu Wu  

 Yaser Alshetwi

 Konstantinos Roumpos

Influence of Light on Crystallisation and Photoluminescence of Bulky-Substituted Polythiophene

Pattern Formation in Double Layered Films


 Abhijna Das

 Emna Khechine

 Controlling structure formation in quasi two dimensional systems

 Properties and Morphological Changes of Langmuir Films of PEO-PLLA Block Copolymers

 29.06.2018  Farzad Ramezani Contraction of Polymer Filaments Made from Spin Coated Films
 29.06.2018  Purushottam Poudel Formation of Periodically Modulated Polymer Crystals
 06.07.2018  Sumit Majumder Growth kinetics of stacks of correlated lamellae
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