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Fanuel Mugwanga Keheze


PhD Student

Institute of Physics
Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg
Hermann-Herder-Str. 3, 79104 Freiburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 761 203 5859 Fax: +49 761 203 5855
email: fanuel.keheze@physik.uni-freiburg.de


 1974  Born in Vihiga, KENYA
 1998  B.ED (Mathematics and Physics)
 2011  M.Sc in Physics, Kenyatta University
 Since 04/2014  Ph.D. student of Experimental Polymer Physics, Albert-Ludwig-University of Freiburg, Germany


 Scientific employment

 2001-2011   Physics tutor Kisangula secondary school and Kaimosi Boys secondary school
 2012-2013     Lecturer in Physics, Pwani University - KENYA



 We intend to investigate several key processes which includes nucleation and growth of poly(3-hexyl thiophene) (P3HT) by self‐seeding technique in which the crystal number density, their sizes and level of perfection are under control. Polymer chains have a wide range of melting temperatures, enabling situations such as the coexistence of melting and crystallization. This feature will be exploited for a self seeding technique.The properties of the resulting well ordered highly perfect single crystals will yield improved electrical, mechanical and optoelectronic properties of these polymers. These perfect electron pathways can be used in many optoelectronic devices with improved performance. However, we shall apply in fabrication of organic thin film field effect transistors (OFETs) with a high field effect mobility (μ) between the source and the drain improving it’s performance immensely.


 F.K. Mugwang’a, P.K. Karimi, W.K. Njoroge, S.M. Waita “Optical and Electrical characterization of Copper Oxide for solar cell applications” University Journal, 2010
 F.K. Mugwang’a, P.K. Karimi, W.K. Njoroge, S.M. Waita  “Characterization of CuxOy-ZnO:Al p-n junction for solar cell applications’ Masters of Science thesis. Kenyatta university jounal. 2011

Invited Conference Talk

“The optimization of the optical properties of D.C. sputtered Copper Oxide thin films   for solar cell fabrication”  Annual conference on optoelectronics, University of Nairobi, Kenya, November 2010.

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