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"Experimental Polymer Physics" Seminar SS 2017

When Apr 01, 2017 12:00 AM to
Sep 30, 2017 11:55 PM
Where Hörsaal II, Physikhochhaus, Hermann-Herder-Str. 3, Freiburg
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 12.05.2017 16:30h  Dr.  Thomas Pfohl  Microfluidics for Polymer and Biophysics
 23.05.2017 16:30h
seminar room 3rd floor
 Abhijna Das  Morphological changes in Langmuir films of PLLA
 02.06.2017 16:00h

 Emna Khechine  

 Ahmed  El-Tawargy

 Properties and Morphological Changes of Langmuir Films of PEO-PLLA Block Copolymer

 Structural patterns in Langmuir monolayers of core-intershell-shell (CIS ) nanoparticles

 09.06.2017 14:00h  Tianyu Wu  Formation of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Crystals from Solution and Their Optical Properties
 16.06.2017 16:30h  Farzad Ramenzani  Controlling Viscoelastic Behavior of Polymer Films by Tuning Preparation Pathway
 23.06.2017 16:30h  Sumit Majumder  Creating Micrometer-high Stacks of Correlated Lamellar Crystals of Precision Polyethylene by Self-induced Nucleation
 30.06.2017 16:30h  Purushottam Poudel  Formation of Periodically Modulated Polymer Single Crystals
 14.07.2017 16:00h  Yaser AlShetwi  Thermal Relaxation of a Bulky Substituted Poly(thiophene)
 21.07.2017 16:30h  Konstantinos Roumpos  Pattern formation induced by dewetting on thin polymer films
 28.07.2017 16:30h

 Sabrina Kraus

 Sven Renkert

 Influence of the pH value on the structure formation of CIS nanoparticles in Langmuir monolayers

 Study of a field effect transistor based on 2D-crystalline layers of a conjugated oligomer for chemical sensing

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