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Group members

Name E-Mail Phone
Field of Activity
Professor Günter Reiter guenter.reiterat.jpgphysik.uni-freiburg.de 5857 Head of the Experimental Polymer Physics group
Professor Gert Strobl stroblat.jpguni-freiburg.de 97777 polymer physics
Susanne Brendl reiter-officeat.jpgphysik.uni-freiburg.de 5790 secretariat
Dr. Pradipkanti Devi Lairenjam pl1026@physik.uni-freiburg.de 97777 symmetry breaking and confinement effects in polymer films
Dr. Thomas Pfohl thomas.pfohlat.jpgphysik.uni-freiburg.de 97779 micro- and nanofluidics of polymers
Dr. Farzad Ramezani farzad.ramezani@physik.uni-freiburg.de 5858 glass-forming polymer films
Dr. Renate Reiter renate.reiterat.jpgfmf.uni-freiburg.de 5863 interfaces
Yaser Alshetwi yaser.alshetwi@cl.uni-freiburg.de 97782 optoelectronics
Brahim Bessif brahim.bessif@physik.uni-freiburg.de 97779 polysulfide latex crystallization
Weixiang Chen      
Abhijna Das abhijna.dasat.jpgfit.uni-freiburg.de 5862 ordering and crystallization of polymers in quasi 2D films
Michael Fink      
Zhixin Guo   5856  
Emna Khechine emna.khechineat.jpgphysik.uni-freiburg.de 5862 morphology and properties of Langmuir polymer films
Sven Renkert sven.renkertat.jpgphysik.uni-freiburg.de 97781 conjugated polymers
Konstantinos Roumpos konstantinos.roumposat.jpgphysik.uni-freiburg.de 5859 surface patterns
Sairam Saikumar sairam.saikumar@mars.uni-freiburg.de 97780  
Binyam Solomon      
Claas-Hendrik Stamp claas.stamp@physik.uni-freiburg.de 5858  
Tianyu Wu tianyu.wuat.jpgphysik.uni-freiburg.de 5856 polymer crystallization
Stefanie Dold stefanie.doldat.jpgphysik.uni-freiburg.de 97776 Langmuir, lab
Silvia Siegenführ silvia.siegenfuehrat.jpgphysik.uni-freiburg.de 5860 STM, AFM, DSC, chemistry
Barbara Heck heckbarbat.jpguni-freiburg.de 5856 SAXS, XRD, XRR, webmaster


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