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"Experimental Polymer Physics" 2021

Wann 01.01.2021 00:00 bis
31.12.2021 00:00
Wo freitags 15:00h
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 04.06.2021 Philip Christian  Creep experiments with 2D spin-coated films
 11.06.2021 Weixiang Chen  Spatial Control of Switching from Mono-Lamellar Polymer Crystal Growth to
Formation of Correlated Lamellae
 18.06.2021 Brahim Bessif  In situ swelling of single crystalline polymer lamella by water vapour
 02.07.2021 Yaser Alshetwi  Why does white light matter in crystallisation of conjugated polymers?
 09.07.2021 Solomon Binyam  Instability of pre-stressed membranes controlled by binary solvent mixtures
 03.12.2021 Efstathios Mitropoulos  Responsive elastic dendritic networks in PDMS
 10.12.2021 Jaeshin Kim  Crystallization of an alternating copolymer of dithienyldiketopyrrolopyrrole and tetrafluoro-benzene (PThDPPThF4) on a silicon substrate
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