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Chair of Experimental Polymer Physics

Professor Günter Reiter


Lectures                                              WS 2019/20

Experimental Polymer Physics
Thu, Fri 8:15-9:45, HS I
   Tutorial: Wed 14 - 16 h, SR 3.OG Hochhaus

Polymer Modeling
Mon 15:15-16:45, HH SR 3G

Fundamentals of Biophysics
   Tue 10:15-11:45, R00 003a, H.-Herder-Str. 9


Experimental Polymer Physics Seminar
Fri 16:00, Seminarraum 3.OG, Physik-Hochhaus

Physikalisches Kolloqium
   Mon 17:15, Großer Hörsaal Physik



1st Annual IRTG / SoMaS Summerschool, July 10-15, 2011 in Mittelwihr, France
In Honor of the 70th Birthday of Prof. Gert Strobl
Discussion Meeting on "Challenges in and Potential of Polymer Physics"
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