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List of publications

Systematic Control of Nucleation Density in Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Thin Films
Edward J. W. Crossland, Khosrow Rahimi, Günter Reiter, Ullrich Steiner, and Sabine Ludwigs. Advanced Functional Materials 21, 518–524 (2011)
Possible origin of thickness-dependent deviations from bulk properties of thin polymer films
Günter Reiter, Simone Napolitano. Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 48, 2544-2547 (2010)
Surface-induced breakout crystallization in cylinderforming P(I-b-EO) diblock copolymer thin films
C.M. Papadakis, C. Darko, Z. Di, K. Troll, E. Metwalli, A. Timmann, G. Reiter, and S. Förster. European Physical Journal E 34, 7 (2011)
Topographically induced self-deformation of the nuclei of cells: dependence on cell type and proposed mechanisms
Patricia M. Davidson, Olivia Fromigue, Pierre J. Marie, Vasif Hasirci, Günter Reiter, Karine Anselme. J. Mater. Sci.: Mater. Med. 21, 939-946 (2010)
Accelerating Dewetting on Deformable Substrates by Adding a Liquid Underlayer
Lin Xu, Günter Reiter, Tongfei Shi and Lijia An. Langmuir 26, 7270–7276 (2010)
高分子の物理―構造と物性を理解するために (単行本)
G.R. ストローブル (著), Gert R. Strobl (原著), 深尾 浩次 (翻訳), 宮地 英紀 (翻訳), 宮本 嘉久 (翻訳), 林 久夫 (翻訳). 出版社: シュプリンガー・フェアラーク東京 (1998/2010) ISBN 978-4431707950
Two Competing Crystallization Modes in a Smectogenic Polyester
Barbara Heck, Ernesto Perez and Gert Strobl. Macromolecules 43, 4172-4183 (2010)
Oriented crystallization of isotactic polystyrene in films prepared by friction transfer
K. Jradi, S. Bistac, M. Schmitt, G. Reiter. Polymer 50, 3724-3729 (2009)
Enhancing nucleation and controlling crystal orientation by rubbing/scratching the surface of a thin polymer film
K. Jradi, S. Bistac, M. Schmitt, A. Schmatulla, G. Reiter. Eur. Phys. J. E 29, 383-389 (2009)
Microstructured Surfaces Cause Severe but Non-Detrimental Deformation of the Cell Nucleus
Patricia M. Davidson, Hayriye Ozcelik, Vasif Hasirci, Guenter Reiter, Karine Anselme. Advanced Materials 21, 3586 (2009)
On the mechanics of rim instabilities in viscoelastic polymer thin films
S. Gabriele, S. Coppee, G. Reiter, P. Damman. Eur. Phys. J.-Special Topics 166, 55-61 (2009)
Crystallization in diblock copolymer thin films at different degrees of supercooling
C. Darko, I. Botiz, G. Reiter, D.W. Breiby, J.W. Andreasen, S. V. Roth, D.-M. Smilgies, E. Metwalli, C.M. Papadakis. Phys. Rev. E 79, 041802 (2009)
Branched substituents generate improved supramolecular ordering in physisorbed molecular assemblies
F. Vonau, M. Linares, B. Isare, D. Aubel, M. Habar, L. Bouteiller, G. Reiter, V. Geskin, F. Zerbetto, R. Lazzaroni, L. Simon. J. Phys. Chem. C 113, 4955-4959 (2009)
Polymer crystallization under nano-confinement of droplets studied by molecular simulations
Wenbing Hu, Tao Cai, Yu Ma, Jamie K. Hobbs, O. Farrance, Günter Reiter. Faraday Discussions 143, 129-141 (2009)
Cloning Polymer Single Crystals through Self-seeding
Jianjun Xu, Yu Ma, Wenbing Hu, Matthias Rehahn, and Günter Reiter. Nature Materials 8, 348-353 (2009)
Structuring the Surface of Crystallizable Polymers with an AFM Tip
Cvetlin Vasilev, Günter Reiter, Khalil Jradi, Sophie Bistac, Marjorie Schmitt. In: "Scanning Probe Microscopy in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology" Part 3, Ed. Bharat Bhushan, "NanoScience and Technology" Series, Springer 2010, ISBN 978-3-642-03534-0
Visualizing properties of polymers at interfaces: Relations between molecular features and macroscopic behaviour
Günter Reiter. In “Soft Matter: Scattering, Imaging and Manipulation”, Volume IV: Imaging and Manipulation Techniques Eds.: R. Pecora, R. Borsali, Springer 2008, ISBN 978-1402044649
Some general remarks on crystallization in the presence of additives
Günter Reiter and Jean-Georges Barth. Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 92, 39-61 (2010)
Network swelling competing with translational entropy in autophobic polymer dewetting
W. Beziel, G. Reiter, E. Drockenmuller, R.-V. Ostaci, S. Al Akhrass, F. Cousin, M. Sferrazza. Europhysics Letters 90, 26008 (2010)
Processes of Ordered Structure Formation in Polypeptide Thin Film Solutions
Ioan Botiz, Helmut Schlaad, Günter Reiter. Adv. in Polymer Science, 242 (2011) 117-149
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